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What is Online Nikah?

Is it possible to perform nikah online in Pakistan?

The concept of online nikah or online marriage refers to a formal marriage between a man and a woman over the Internet. Pakistanis living abroad who are unable to attend their marriages in person have the option of using the online Nikah service. They become husband and wife through this legal procedure. In Pakistan, online marriage is becoming an increasingly common trend. This is generally a very simple and quick process, just like a court marriage and often pronounced as online shadi. Every citizen of Pakistan has the right to perform nikah online or physically according to his/her choice. Online nikah is especially convenient for those who live overseas or in remote villages or urban areas of Pakistan. Furthermore, it is a viable option for those who do not have the time to travel and attend their wedding. The couple is not able to attend the ‘nikah’ wedding ceremony. In this case, an online Nikah is required. 

Another name for online marriage is proxy marriage. Both the bride and the groom are not present at the same time or place. Thus, online Nikah or online marriage in Pakistan takes place via video call. First and foremost, the marriage is solemnized in front of a marriage registrar, commonly known as a Nikkah Khawan. As a result, Online Nikah in Pakistan was registered according to Islamic Laws in Pakistan.

Online Nikah - Marriage

Who signs the Nikahnama while online Nikah?

If either the bride or groom is absent during an online marriage or nikah, the absent party appoints an online lawyer or a special attorney through the written document. Furthermore, a power of attorney is given as permission to sign the Nikah Nama. In such cases, it is best to hire a family lawyer with knowledge of both Pakistani and international family law. Right Law Associates is a top-notch law firm in Pakistan serving since 1982 in various legal fields, especially in court marriage and online marriage or online nikah.  

How to start an online nikah procedure?

Get in touch with our online marriage attorney to set up an appointment first. The required documents must also be submitted. The next step is for the absent party to appear on a conference call after the documents are received and the agreed-upon date and time of Nikah are established.

During an online marriage, the registrar performs the ceremony in front of witnesses. The Nikah Registrar will then complete all four Nikah Nama. Furthermore, the bride, groom, or their Online lawyers will sign the Nikah Nama. Most importantly, the nikkah registrar signed the Nikah nama. Additionally, if both partners are not present at the time of Nikah but would like to appoint an attorney, then we send Nikah Nama for their signatures through registered mail. 

A female cannot perform Nikah in Middle Eastern countries such as the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, etc. without a wali. Such a requirement does not exist in Pakistani marriage laws. There is no requirement for a Wali to perform online Nikah in Pakistan. The Pakistani Nikah Nama contains a special clause that discusses the appointment of representatives on behalf of couples who are getting married. 

Documents required for Online Nikah in Pakistan:

The following documents are required to perform nikah online on a video call. 

  • A copy of the CNIC of the bride and groom (or a copy of the passport)
  • Six Passport size photos.
  • Letter of Wakeel Appointment/ permission letter
  • Two witnesses and their CNIC copies.
  • In case the groom is having a second marriage, permission for the second marriage must be obtained from the first wife.
  • If the bride is marrying for a second time, she must present a divorce certificate or death certificate of a deceased spouse.

What documents will you get after the online Nikah service?

After the completion of the online nikah, you will get the following documents from us as legal proof:

  • Registration of Nikahnama
  • Copies of Urdu Nikah Nama
  • Nikahnama English / Arabic translations
  • NADRA Marriage Certificate
  • Attestation from Notary Public / Foreign Affairs
  • Attestation from Concerned Embassy

How can Right Law Associates help you perform online nikah?

Since 1982, Right Law Associates has been one of Pakistan’s top law firms. We are now recognized as the most trusted law firm in Karachi and Islamabad for our experience in all facets of legal matters such as Family Law, Property Laws, Civil Law, and Criminal Law. We offer free consultations in the above-mentioned areas. Also, we offer court marriages, online marriages, and complete documentation for a significantly lower fee than other law firms.  If you have any questions regarding marriage laws, marital issues, separation, or other legal matters. Please leave a comment in the comment box or send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 0331-6644789. We Fight for Your Right!

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