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Online Marriage (Online Shadi with Nikah)

Updated on 12 Jan 2022

Online Marriage (Online Shadi) or Online Nikah

Online Marriage (Online Shadi) or Online Nikah is a legal facility in Pakistan for Pakistanis living abroad in various countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and worldwide. A lot of Pakistanis are living and doing businesses or jobs which are employed in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Riyadh, Jeddah (KSA-Saudi Arabia), London, Manchester, Birmingham (UK), New York, Washington, California, and different states and cities of the USA, Canada, Australia, or in various countries of Europe, used to ask us and inquire about online marriage and nikah on telephone or WhatsApp, zoom, Google Meeting or on some other chatting or video calling software, so we want to help them by answering their frequently asked questions regarding online marriage and online nikkah.

Online marriage (Shadi) in Pakistan which is also known as Online Nikah is an opportunity provided by Pakistani law for Pakistani citizens who are living abroad and so they can’t attend their marriage. In traditional marriage, both bride and groom are required to be present at the time of marriage. However, online marriage can be solemnized through the internet by appointing a lawyer in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961 and Family Courts Act 1964 provide this convenience of Online Nikah to overseas Pakistanis. Moreover, the Sharia (Hanafi School of Thoughts) also permits the Online Nikah that makes it acceptable by legal as well as the sharia laws.

For online shadi (marriage) it is not necessary that both spouses should be Pakistani citizens. Rather, if any of the spouses is a Pakistani citizen, then they can register their online marriage (shadi) in Pakistan. It is necessary to add here that it is mandatory to register the marriage in Pakistan if any of the spouses is a Pakistani citizen.

In the Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Oman, Iraq, etc. there is a requirement of a wali of the bride for the marriage. However, there is no such requirement in Pakistani Marriage laws. Therefore, no wali is required for online marriage (Shadi) in Pakistan. However, according to the new clause which has been added in Pakistani Nikahnama, the Vakeel / Representatives on behalf of the couple are required.

According to the Pakistani law, any citizen of Pakistan or a foreign can register their marriage in Pakistan by appointing a lawyer, who can register their marriage and process all the Nikah papers and other related documents.


Any Pakistani living abroad can have the opportunity of an Online Nikah in Pakistan. However, there are certain conditions to be met before you plan your online (shadi) marriage in Pakistan.


  1. The man and woman must be adults i.e. 18 years old or above. (The sharia age of marriage is puberty, however, the legal age of marriage in Pakistan is 18 years and above)
  2. Free will and consent of the bride and groom (There should not be any pressure or force involved in marriage)
  3. As in traditional marriage, the Online Nikah should be performed in the presence of two witnesses along with a Qazi also known as NikahKhuwan.
  4. Lastly, the Mehar also called a dower amount, which is mutually agreed between the bride and groom


  1. We will need the passports and ID cards of the bride and groom (you can email us your documents)
  2. The date of Online Nikah will be set and both the bride and groom will join us on a video call
  3. As similar to the traditional marriage, the Nikah Khuwan will recite the Khutba-e-Nikah followed by the Ejab-o-Qabool (asking for the consent of the bride and groom). Vakeels and two Muslim witnesses will also be present at the occasion
  4. After the Nikah recitation, we will process all the Nikah documents for the signatures of the bride and groom. We will apply for the marriage registration on behalf of both parties. This includes Nikahnama (Marriage Contract) and NADRA Marriage Certificate provided by the Union Council.


We provide the below services after conducting your Online Nikah:

  1. Copies of Urdu Nikahnama
  2. Registration of Marriage: Nikahnama (Marriage Contract)
  3. NADRA Marriage Certificate (English and Urdu) from Union Council
  4. Attestation from Notary Public
  5. Attestation from Foreign Affairs
  6. Attestation from Embassy (if required)

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Marriage seems to be a simple process but online shadi (marriage) could be a bit complicated if you did not hire professional online marriage (shadi) lawyers in Pakistan. As you know that two different countries are involved in an Online Nikah activity therefore, the marriage laws and requirements of both countries should be kept in mind. Apart from the government authorities, the embassy is also involved in the online marriage (shadi). If you conduct an Online Nikah in Pakistan, later you will be required to prepare documents for a foreign state. A small mistake in any step of online marriage (shadi) or Nikah documents may void your online marriage (shadi) in Pakistan or any other country.

Therefore, it is highly important to hire experienced and professional online shadi (marriage) lawyers. If you hire any unprofessional online marriage (shadi) lawyer who does not have expertise in Online Nikah, they may misguide you or skip a necessary step. Marriage is a sensitive matter and online shadi (marriage) in Pakistan is more delicate than traditional marriage. So there should be no room for any mistake or negligence.


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