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NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate

How To Get NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate In Pakistan

How To Get NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate In Pakistan

NADRA provides a wide range of services and certifications in Pakistan. Birth and marriage certificates are the most common certificates. Marriage Registration Certificates (MRC) are extremely important and reliable documents in Pakistan. Nikah is the written record of marital ties (between husband and wife). Types of Marriage Certificates are:

  1. Manual Nikahnama
  2. NADRA Marriage Certificate.

Manual Nikah Nama:

There are four copies of nikah nama; two are given to a married couple, while the other two are kept by Nikah Khawan and the union council upon a wedding taking place.

NADRA Marriage Certificate:

Often called a NADRA marriage registration certificate, this type of marriage certificate is a computerized document that contains all the necessary information about the couple. When the full procedure is completed, NADRA issues the computerized marriage certificate after receiving Manual Nikah Nama.

Authorities issuing marriage certificates:

There are local authorities who play their role in issuing marriage certificates according to the address and area of the couples. These authorities are:

  • Union Council
  • TMA Office / Union Council ( Punjab )
  • Cantonment Board Office
  • Arbitration Council in Islamabad

Procedure to obtain Marriage Registration Certificate in Pakistan:

 You can apply for a marriage certificate from NADRA once you obtain the Manual nikah Nama. Additionally, people with old marriages rarely apply for NADRA marriage registration certificates. If they still have a copy of their Nikkah Nama, they can also obtain a NADRA Marriage Certificate.

Required Documents:

  • CNIC copies of both bride and groom
  • Copy of Nikah Nama
  • 2x Passport size photographs of bride and groom

Step-by-Step Procedure to obtain Marriage Registration Certificate:

  • Gather all the required documents first in order to obtain the NADRA marriage certificate. NADRA marriage registration certificates are issued by local union councils in all the cities of Pakistan. Area TMA can also issue the certificates. Residents of Islamabad can obtain their NADRA marriage certificates by visiting the Arbitration Council.
  • A marriage certificate will be issued after you fill out the NADRA application form. An application form is available from the same office where you can apply for a Marriage Certificate.
  • Documents must be submitted along with a completed application form and an official fee to the issuing office.
  • Check all the information on your NADRA marriage certificate to see if it is accurate when you receive it. Ensure that the information in your marriage certificate matches the information in your official documents. Whenever there is an error on the part of the issuing office, ask for correction.  
Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate

What is the use of the NADRA Marriage Certificate?

  1. It is used as proof of being married in Pakistan and also in foreign countries.
  2. Marriage Certificate is required to apply for family visas.
  3. It is used for immigration purposes.
  4. Marriage certificate is required for legal matters i.e divorce / khula etc.

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