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Love Marriage in Islam

Love Marriage in Islam

Love marriage is always allowed in Islam. Islam has allowed a man or a woman to marry the person they love. Islam provides equal rights to both men and women. Additionally, Islam gives you the right to give consent about your marriage, and parents are prohibited to force their decisions on their children to marry.

Man and Women have the freedom to choose the person they want to marry. Whether you are a boy or a girl, if you are interested to marry someone you love, the first and foremost is to inform your own parents about your choice. Convince parents about your decisions and enter into marriage as per family customs and traditions.

The right of a girl to marry is often overlooked. It is not considered appropriate for a girl to speak about her own marriage, even though people have become more educated and now daughters can also voice their opinion in their families. Still in some family’s parents arrange their daughter’s marriage with someone she does not even know. As a result, she is forced to deal with some miserable circumstances.

Love marriages are not accepted by many Muslims, and if you belong to such a group, this blog can help you know your rights. Let’s discuss whether a Muslim girl can do love marriage. This article also answers the question like:

  • Can a girl express her opinion about the most important decision of her life in Islam?
  • Is Islam really against girls choosing their life partners?
  • Does Islam allow love marriages?
  • Is forced marriage permitted by the Quran?
  • In Islam, how do you do love marriage?

  • My parents refuse to approve of my marriage. Can I still marry someone?

  • Love Marriage: Why are some Muslim parents oppose It?


Love Marriage in Islam

Can a girl express her opinion about the most important decision of her life in Islam?

As far as Islamic teachings are concerned, a girl can give her opinion about her marriage. Islam prohibits the parents who forcefully implement their decision on their daughter. Islam gives the complete rights to the girl to give their opinion about her most essential decision of marriage.

Is Islam really against girls choosing their life partners?

Islam does not prevent girls from selecting their life partners. Islam allows both males and female to select their life partner., Islam gives you the right to make an informed decision about your marriage, and parents are prohibited to force their decisions on their children to marry. It is commonly associated with Muslim Parents, that who force their daughters to marry against their will. It is essential to know some tiny details about love marriages in Islam so that we can make an informed decision.

Does Islam allow love marriages?

There are many people who deny women’s right to consent to marriage. It is a common practice in many parts of the world where parents inform daughters that their marriage has been fixed, which is totally against the teachings of Islam and the fundamental rights Islam provides to women.

Females frequently ask us whether they are entitled to specify their preference on marriage. According to Islam, girls are entitled to consent to their marriage. A parent must never force their child to marry someone she isn’t willing to. To understand whether parents should ask their daughters about their consent for their marriage, we can look up to the life of the Holy Prophet.

Ali (R.A) told Prophet Muhammad, that he was interested in marrying Fatima, and Prophet Muhammad replied, “In Sha Allah!” (if Allah wills). As a result, Prophet Muhammad approached his daughter Fatima and informed her about the marriage proposal for her, and asked for her consent. When she accepted the marriage proposal from Ali, only then did the Holy Prophet accept it. I think this shows the importance of asking your daughter her opinion about her marriage.

Authentic Hadiths of the Holy Prophet state that forced marriage of girls is forbidden in Islam. The Hadith is written in Sahih Muslim, 1419 and it is also present in Sahih al-Bukhari 6966:968, which states that no woman (including a virgin, a divorcee, or a widow) can marry unless she has been given permission beforehand. Thus, it demonstrates that Islam teaches us that consent of a girl in marriage is extremely important, therefore marriages must be conducted only with her consent.

Is forced marriage permitted by the Quran?

Both historical examples and Islamic teaching rule out forced marriage in Islam. In addition, the Holy Quran prohibits the marriage of women forcibly. According to the Holy Quran, force is prohibited in this verse.

“O believers, it is NOT permissible to inherit women compelled to do so”.

Quran 4:19

In Islam, how do you do love marriage?

The possibility exists that you might not be able to persuade your parents to let you marry the person of your choice, despite your best efforts. You have tried your best, but your parents want you to marry someone else. As a result, if you are forced to decide between two people, you can select the person of your choice instead of going with the choice of your parents. Denying your parents’ choice is entirely possible.  Islam entitles you to your right to marry the person of your choice.

Although, going against your parent’s will is not a likable action in Islam, give your best to conveying your parents, that if they still do not agree, and you are left with no other choice, but to against your parents’ choice you are not committing a “Gunah/Sin” as per teachings of Islam.

Love Marriage: Why Are Some Muslim Parents Oppose It?

It is true that some conservative Muslim parents oppose love marriage whereas Islam gives women the right to marry anyone she chooses to, and still some parents prevent their daughters from exercising this right? This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Culture differences/caste system
  • Lack of education about Islam.

     Cultural differences or caste differences are also the reason against love marriage. Most people are not willing to marry their daughter in another caste. So by following their culture they molded their mindset in a way that they consider love marriage especially out of the family to be immodest, especially for their daughters.

In some cases, parents don’t know what Islam says about women’s rights, and they aren’t well-educated about Islam. Learning the Holy Quran would be the most effective solution to this issue. By doing this, you are not only aware of your rights, being a girl, but you can also explain those rights to your parents in reference to Islamic teachings.