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Love Marriage in Islam - Court Marriage, Pakistan

Love Marriage or Court Marriage

Love Marriage and Court Marriage is allowed in Islam & Pakistan. Love Marriage and Court Marriage has almost the same meaning in Pakistan, and it is a legal union of adult male and female without their parents. In Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and other big cities, this trend is growing day by day. The words, Love marriage, court marriage and civil marriage have the same meaning in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Marriage is actually a legal union of male and female who have attained the age of 18 years. Love marriages are being solemnized before a lawyer and justice of peace where nikah khawan recites verses from The Holy Quran and Hadith before Ijab-o-Qabool (offer and acceptance) and then recites the Khutba-e-Nikkah and a prayer for the prosperity of the newly married couple.

Traditionally, marriages are solemnized in a big social gathering, in front of families, relatives, and friends of the bride and groom. The marriage ceremony comprises different functions like Dholki, Mehndi, Baraat and Valima reception. Hundreds of thousands of rupees are spent to organize and conduct a marriage. In some cases, a loan is borrowed for this purpose. There is a lot of financial pressure on the bride’s family in order to meet societal norms. Moreover, in a case, if a man is not financially stable, then society does not allow him to marry and start a happy and satisfactory family life.

Society has made marriage so much difficult and complicated that people reach to mid-thirties till they get married. This has increased the level of unrest and frustration among the masses. The other aspect of delayed marriages is that young people use immoral and haram ways to meet their emotional and physical needs. This is a reason why pre-marital relationships are common these days. We all would agree that we as humans have certain needs to fulfill. We are social animals. And we all require partners to live a peaceful family life, but our Pakistani society has made marriage too complex for both a man and a woman.

Love Marriage is Islamic and Legal

Love marriage, no doubt, is Islamic and not against any Islamic principle as well as it is the fundamental human right of every adult person. The Constitution of Pakistan allows a couple to use their right to marriage and to get into an official union through court marriage.

A Love marriage is not that complicated as it may seem. Rather, it is very simple and easy to follow. The love marriage, like all other types of marriages, is an official union of a man and a woman which is solemnized under the court of law.

In Pakistan, love marriage which is also called a court marriage, is solemnized with the help of a lawyer and a nikkah khawan, who makes the marriage Islamic, legal and official.

The Nikah-Nama which is also known as a marriage contract is issued and registered by the local Nikah Registrar and the computerized NADRA marriage certificate is issued by the Union Council.

Is love marriage allowed in Islam?

Love marriage is allowed in Islam and you have a Sharia right to marry someone whom you love. Islam insists upon marriages with free consent, whether you are a girl or a boy. Muslim parents do not have any right to force their children to marry someone. Every adult Muslim male or female can marry a person of their own choice. For details, please read in detail how you can do love marriage in Islam.

Guidelines For Love Marriage

A couple who decides of a court marriage lacks proper guidelines and information regarding the process of court marriage. They are not aware of their rights given by the law. As the court marriage in Pakistan is conducted through the honorable court, therefore, the court and the law, both protect the rights of individuals and provide them legal protection. Court marriage has a strong legal foundation and has an unshakable value. Today or tomorrow, society will have to accept a court marriage. People just need a little awareness about their rights and know how to use them to materialize their dream of marriage in a legal and halal way.

Our proficient court marriage lawyers at Right Law Associates are specialized in the court marriage in Pakistan. We have successfully arranged several court marriages and the couples are living a happy, peaceful life. We understand that marriage is your legal right and ensure to make it easy and convenient for you. Considering your wish and dream to marry your loved one, our court marriage lawyers will take care of all the procedures of court marriage and solemnize your big event officially and legally with ease and convenience.

Who has a right to marry with love?

Anyone who wishes to marry his or her loved one can opt for court marriage in Pakistan. According to the West Pakistan rules under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, any adult man and woman can marry his or her opposite sex and the law of the state is bound to protect and ensure the rights of court marriage in Pakistan.

How Right Law Associates Can Help You in Court Marriage in Pakistan?

Right Law Associates is a team of proficient civil lawyers who are experienced in family cases. We deal in court marriage, online marriage, child custody, and other civil cases. We create awareness among the masses regarding the legal rights given by Pakistani law, which most of the people are not aware of. Not only that, but we understand that civil cases are delicate and sensitive, therefore we respect and ensure the client’s privacy.

Before taking any civil case, we gain the client’s trust by providing them full guidance and support regarding the court procedures. Events like court marriage and online marriage are of high importance in the lives of people. Therefore, we pursue each case with delicacy. Our expertise in the field allows us to solemnize the love marriage and online marriage with perfection.

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