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The Legal Minimum Age of Marriage in Pakistan - IHC Announces 18

Islamabad High Court Announces The Legal Age of Marriage

On March 01, 2022, the Islamabad High Court made a major announcement regarding the legal age for marriage, declaring that 16-year-olds are no longer eligible to marry. An announcement about the case was made during a hearing involving Sawera Falak Sher, a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped and married in May 2021. 

Babar Sattar, the judge who heard the case, ruled that girls under the age of 18 cannot marry themselves or be forced to marry by their parents. Further, he stated that the legal marriage age is 18  and ordered the police to transfer Sawera to  Golra Darul Aman. 
Moreover, the court ordered Darul Aman’s administrator to permit Sawera’s mother to meet her daughter under the administrator’s supervision. 
“Physical changes do not imply maturity,”  the Judge said. 
Also, it has been suggested the Muslim ordinance should clarify the minimum marriage age is 18 years old. Sawera’s mother, Mumtaz bibi, had led a kidnapping trial for her daughter in May 2021, alleging that he married voluntarily.

The Legal Minimum Age of Marriage in Pakistan - IHC Announces 18

How old must a person be to marry now?

In Pakistan, now the minimum age for marriage has been set to 18 years. As per Pakistani law, a boy or a girl who doesn’t meet this eligibility criterion will be considered illegally married.

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