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Guide to Court Marriage and its Procedure in Pakistan

Guide to Court Marriage and its Procedure in Pakistan | Court Marriage Fee | Court Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Guide to Court Marriage and its Procedure in Pakistan | Court Marriage vs Arranged Marriage. A Court Marriage Guide for lovers. Court marriages in Pakistan have become easier and more convenient with the help of Right Law Associates in Karachi, Islamabad, & Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Court Marriage Procedure and Court Marriage vs Arranged Marriage. A Court Marriage Guide for lovers. Court marriages in Pakistan have become easier and more convenient with the support of Right Law Associates in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Court marriage can be conducted within a few hours if the couple has all the required documents.

The terms “love marriage” and “court marriage” are interchangeable. However, they have some differences. When two people fall in love, they will reach the point at which they will be legally married. If a couple’s parents agree to the marriage, they can then arrange it based on their traditions. Briefly, a love marriage is done in both a traditional / civil marriage and a court marriage.

Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

Right Law Associates has made the process of court marriages in Pakistan straightforward and easy, especially for the people of Karachi,  Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. In the event that the couple possesses all the required documents, the marriage can be performed within less than half an hour. In Pakistan, you must follow the following steps:

  1. The couple would reach our office as per pre-set appointment.  Our family lawyer and nikah khawan / Nikah Registrars will be there to expedite the court process.
  2. Dower/Maher matters and other matters concerned with protecting the rights of the couple are discussed with our lawyer
  3. The bride shall sign an affidavit of affirmation of her being an adult, sane and wants to marry with her free will, without any pressure.
  4.  The Nikah Khawan, after ijab-o-qabool,  will solemnize the Nikah as per Muslim Shari’a and recite the Khutba-e-Nikah. The Nikah registrar will register the nikah. A Nadra marriage certificate will, however, be applied to the local union council later on.

Court Marriage vs Arrange Marriage

In Pakistan, an arranged marriage is a marriage in which the parents or other relatives of the couple decide who they will marry. This is the tradition of the semi-tribal and semi-feudal society in Pakistan

An arranged marriage is different from a love marriage. During a love marriage, two people fall in love and decide to wed on their own. Parents may force either party into an arranged marriage. Parents usually decide who will marry first. A girl will be married first; a boy will get married afterward. 

The parents usually find someone suitable for their children by asking around friends or relatives and acquaintances. They can also consult someone who performs this service for others as well. An arranged marriage is a also a union between two individuals, but in an arrange marriage, the decision to marry is made by their families. Arranged marriages are common in many cultures around the world, including Pakistan and India.

Arranged Marriage: A Semi-tribal Tradition

In Pakistan and India, where the practice of arranging marriages is most common, it is considered an important tradition of the semi-tribal and semi-feudal society. In addition to providing security for both parties involved, it also helps keep them within their social class and prevents any potential conflict with other family members or friends.

The bride will typically make all of the wedding arrangements herself: choosing her dress, picking out flowers for her bouquet, etc. The groom’s family will provide him with a dower amount that is given to his new wife as soon as they are married.

Brides & Grooms are selected by parents in Arranged Marriage

In an arranged marriage, the bride and groom are primarily selected by people other than the bride and groom themselves, especially parents. Professional matchmakers are used by many cultures to find a spouse for young people. Parents usually find someone suitable for their children by asking around among friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Alternatively, they can consult someone who provides this service for others.

What does Court Marriage mean?

In general, the term “Court Marriage” refers to legalizing a marriage. All marriages in Pakistan must be legalized. Court marriages, on the other hand, are the legal union of people from different ethnicities, races, and religions. These marriages take place in court, making them legal.

Is Court Marriage Valid in Islam?

Yes, court marriage is valid in Islam and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. A court marriage is performed before a Magistrate/Justice of Peace/Lawyer and a Nikah Khawan in presence of two Muslim, adult and same witnesses. Court marriage are conducted without guardians/wali of the girl/woman therefore some Muslim cleric do not consider it as Islamic way but most of the Fiqahs, especially, Hanafi consider it Islamic. Different Muslim schools of thought hold different views on court marriage in Islam. According to Ahnaf, court marriage is permitted in Islam. Girls are not required to get permission from a wali.

guide to Court Marriage in Pakistan
Court Marriage Guide, Court Marriage Process, Court Marriages vs Arranged Marriages in Karachi, Pakistan

Is the Court Marriage Legal in Pakistan?

Yes, it is 100% legal and official. It is a fundamental human right for every Pakistani to choose his or her life partner freely. A couple’s right to get married is protected by the Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961, which says that every individual is free to choose their life partner. It also says that the partner can consent to the marriage.

Furthermore, the Pakistani rules under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 clearly state that any opposite-sex may marry any opposite-sex. Marriage rights are protected by Pakistani courts for those who have been married or who want to get married according to the law.

Therefore, choosing a mate is a fundamental human right in Pakistan.

Who is Entitled to a Court Marriage in Pakistan?

Every adult male and female citizen of Pakistan has the right to choose the person they want to marry. Pakistan has a very simple court marriage procedure. There are three requirements:

  • Both parties must consent to Nikah (Muslim Marriage).
  • A Muslim’s marriage age is puberty. Under Islamic law, 18 is the majority age for marriage.
  • In Pakistan, marriage is always between men and women. 
  • Pakistan criminalizes the marriage of lesbians and homosexuals

Court Marriage Fee in Pakistan

Typical court marriage in Pakistan costs between Rs15000 and Rs25000. There is however room for negotiation.  Our Karachi lawyers and our lawyers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi can discuss the court marriage procedure and fees with you. 

A court marriage in Pakistan is entirely the responsibility of the parties involved. It is necessary for the parties involved to make an upfront payment in order to perform a court marriage.

 In Pakistan, at what Age is Court Marriage Allowed?

An Islamabad High Court ruling now prohibits 16-year-olds from marrying. To get married in Islamabad, one needs to be at least 18 years old. Pakistan has a puberty-based marriage age, meaning that a boy or a girl can marry once they are physically ready. But except the province of Sindh and the Federal Capital Territory, Islamabad, in all other areas of Pakistan, a 16 year old girl can marry through a court marriage of arranged marriage.

How can I do Court Marriage in Pakistan?

With the assistance of Right Law Associates, or any other family lawyer, you can do court marriage. We can help make the process of court marriage in Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore, Pakistan smooth and simple. We serve in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi. We only need to hear from you one or two days before your wedding. For court marriages, please bring the  documents (mentioned below) to our office, and the rest will be handled by our staff. 

Awareness Regarding Court Marriage in Pakistan

Often, couples do not receive adequate information and guidance regarding Court marriages. Nor are they aware of their legal rights. The law and the court are both responsible for protecting the rights of individuals in court marriages in Pakistan, which are conducted by an honorable court. Legal marriage is unwavering in its value and has a strong legal foundation. Legal marriage is a valid union regardless of what society thinks today. People simply need to be aware of their rights if they want their marriage to be legal and halal.

Right Law Associates has lawyers who specialize in court marriages in Pakistan. The couples we have married in court have lived happily ever after in many of those marriages. 

The right to marry is recognized by the state, and we strive to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for you. To help you realize your dream of getting married, we provide you with court marriage lawyers who will handle all legal procedures and perform your big event legally and with ease. 

What is the reason of a growing trend of court marriages?

There are a variety of reasons why Pakistanis opt for court marriages. Here are a few:

  • An arrangement between a man and woman’s parents is not agreed upon.
  • Many couples fear that if their families do not allow them to live with their loved one, they will not be able to live together.
  • Marriage will be difficult if there is a difference in class or culture.
  • For the sake of showing off to society, the couple prefers not to attend an expensive wedding ceremony.
  • There has been a social transformation brought about by modern lifestyles, technology, and media awareness.
  • People gain confidence in their ability to live their lives according to their own choices once they become aware of their basic rights.

Requirements For Court Marriage

The following requirements must be met in order to arrange a court marriage in Pakistan:

  1. Both the bride and groom must be at least 18 years old under the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929. This has been ruled by the Federal Shariat court. 
  2. Wedding parties must be free to consent and must not be pressured or threatened.

How many witnesses are required for court marriage?

Two witnesses are required for a court marriage. Right Law Associates can assist you with witnesses on your behalf, if you do not have any.

Documents Required For Court Marriage In Pakistan

In order to legally marry in Pakistan, you must provide the following documents:

  1. A copy of the bride and groom’s CNIC. As a substitute for your CNIC, we will need to see your B form or another document that indicates your age, such as a matriculation certificate.
  2. Two copies of the CNIC. We can provide witnesses if you do not have any.
  3. A divorce or death certificate is required for a second marriage. Also required for a second marriage is a letter of permission from the Union Council.
  4.  An affidavit signed by the bride that demonstrates her free will and consent (we will assist you in obtaining this document). 

After Your Court Marriage, You will receive the following documents from us

After the successful completion of the court marriage procedure in Pakistan, we will provide you with the following documents as proof of your legal and official marriage. 

These documents protect your family in case of unfortunate circumstances. These documents prove that you are legally married.

  1. Certified copies of the marriage certificate
  2. A copy of the petition attested
  3. Copies of the attested affidavit
  4. A copy of the attested statement submitted to the court
  5. Get an attestation of court orders to ensure your legal safety and protection

How can I do court marriage in Karachi?

You can get assistance for a court marriage from Right Law Associates, which has its head office in Gulistan e Jauhar, Karachi. Over the past 37 years, our team of expert lawyers has served Pakistan. Contact us right away and we’ll give you all the details you need about court marriages in Karachi.

How can I get married in Islamabad?

In addition to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Right Law Associates provides all types of legal services, including Criminal Law, Family Law, and Property Law in Lahore also. Our representative will explain all the necessary details regarding court marriages if you live in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. Please contact us if you live in Islamabad or Rawalpindi and wish to do a court marriage. 

How Right Law Associates Can Help You in Court Marriage?

Attorneys at Right Law Associates specialize in civil law and family law. 

In addition to court marriages, online marriages, and child custody, we also handle civil cases. Pakistani law alerts people to their legal rights, which most of them do not know. Since civil cases are sensitive and delicate, we respect and maintain the client’s privacy.

Providing guidance and support regarding the court procedures is one of the ways we gain the trust of our clients when we take on a civil case. Online marriages and court marriages enrich the lives of many people. Because of this, every case is handled delicately. Because of our expertise in this field, we are capable of performing court marriages as well as online marriages perfectly.

The Right Law Associates have offices in Karachi and Islamabad. Call us at 0316-6644789 for free assistance and consultation related to court marriages in Pakistan. Our expert court marriage lawyers can assist you with their court marriage services in Karachi and Islamabad.


Q: I am unfamiliar with court marriages. What is the best way to start the process?

Court marriages can be easy or complicated, depending on your situation. We have a team of specialized lawyers and court-appointed marriage consultants ready to assist you throughout the process. People are always trying to confuse you with rumors on the internet, but we can assure you that a court marriage is actually a very simple process, and you will need to hire only the best professionals in this area. Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan to get married in court. Various documents are required for different situations. 

Q: How much time is required for court marriage in Pakistan?

It will not take you more than 1 hour if you have an appointment with us. There are many ways to get married if you have the right information. A marriage can be performed by:

  • Muslim religious way
  • Christian religious way
  • You can register any other religious way you choose

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to assist you as soon as we can.

Q: How does marriage solemnization/registration work?

Both the bride and groom must be at least 18 years of age before they can get married according to Pakistani family law. You must submit a valid proof of your age to our office along with photocopies of it and other requirements before your wedding/Nikah date. As part of the procedures, the parties are required to submit proof of age and photographs, as well as the required fees and charges.

A: What kinds of objections can arise from a public party after a court marriage?

While many lawyers can assist you, we have been able to complete over thousands of marriages by providing our clients with experienced and brilliant attorneys who are adept at solving any issue. There are several major cities in Pakistan where we offer court marriage services, including Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, but our services may vary depending on the situation. 

Q: How do court marriages in Pakistan affect the couple?

In Pakistani society, court marriage may have undesirable consequences. A traditional society does not provide people with their basic rights as stipulated by law. The choice of a couple to marry has resulted in serious reactions from families. 

Some brides’ families have filed police reports of abduction, charging Zina with harassment, and demanding a divorce from the groom’s family afterward. According to the girl’s statement, the FIR is invalid and not backed up by no such evidence.

Q: Is a professional lawyer necessary for a Court Marriage?

Pakistan has a very complicated court marriage system. Several lawyers and lower-level staff dealing with the law in this country are known to have a money-minded attitude, as are some bad-reputed lawyers. The goal of many people is to get more money from you by creating problems. The lawyers at Right Law Associates are knowledgeable with all laws and can assist you in almost any situation. In addition, when making the most important decision of your life, you need someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Q: What is the procedure of Sunni Nikah?

Sunni Nikah is based on Shariah law. A Sunni Nikah must have Ijab and Qubool, and once the Nikah has been completed, the Nikah Khawan delivers a Khutbah.

Q: What is the procedure of Shia Nikah?

Ijab and Qubool, i.e. the offer and acceptance, are all that Shia marriage requires. In the case of divorce, however, two witnesses are required, which is not required in the Sunni sect. The Khutba and Ijab are also differences among Sunni sects.

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