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We Provide Professional Family Law Services i.e. Court Marriage, Online Marriage, Nikah Khawan (Qazi) Services.

We are a group of the most experienced Lawyers in Pakistan, dealing in Court Marriage & Online Shadi Since 1985. We have several Registered Nikah Khawans in Karachi, Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Court Marriage or Love Marriage (Muhabbat ki Qanooni Shadi/Nikah)

A court marriage is always a love marriage in Pakistan, which is distinguished by the term Muhabbat ki Qanooni Shadi and Nikah (Love Marriage). In general, both court marriage and love marriage are considered interchangeable terms. However, there are some differences between the two types of marriages. If an adult male and adult female fell in love, their love would reach the point where they would get married by a court. There are times when the father and mother of the couple agree to the marriage of the couple and go about arranging the marriage according to their traditions. In short, we can say that love marriage can be both a traditional and a court marriage.

Online Marriage with Nikah Online
(Phone ya WhatsApp per Nikah/Shadi)

We offer online nikah (marriage)/shaadi (shaadi) services for overseas Pakistanis, and Muslims worldwide. The service is intended to assist couples that are unable to attend their wedding ceremony due to busy schedules or any reason like Covid-19, flight issues, lack of time, etc.

The Pakistani Family Laws (the law that governs marriage registration) allows Muslim men and women to perform the Nikah online and register in Pakistan (at least one Pakistani must be present). Right Law Associates will give you their Authentic suggestions to the best of their knowledge and provide the best services.

Nikah Khawan Services for ritual of Nikkah in Karachi, Islamabad & Rawalpindi

We provide nikah khawan (Qazi) services not only in Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, but also in the suburbs and other areas surrounding these cities. Interested in getting your Nikah solemnized for as low as Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 only? Our packages are all-inclusive, which includes registered nikahnama and computerized NADRA verified Marriage Registration Certificate, duly issued from the Union Council. Give us a call and we will arrange for a qualified Madrasa Alim Nikah Khawan (Molvi Sahib) who will reach your location at the appropriate time. All of our Nikah Khawans (Qazis) are registered nikah khalwas (Qazi) with the Government.

About Us

Right Law Associates (Pvt) Ltd is a prominent law company, having a team of experienced lawyers in Karachi and Islamabad. The services of its ''Marriage Section'' are famous among the young generation due to its prompt and inexpensive services.

We deal in all family legal matters, including court marriages, conventional marriages, and online marriages/Shaadi.  We also provide legal consultancy services and complete legal protection to the couples who want to marry each other with their free will and also to newly married couples, who want to enjoy their free lives as per legal rights provided to them by the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Our offices are located in Karachi and Islamabad, We also provide our legal services to the people of Rawalpindi.

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Court Marriage

Marriage (Shaadi) is a union of a man and woman, who decide to live their lives together. Traditionally, marriages are solemnized in a big social gathering, but sometimes it becomes immpossible becuase of.....

Online Marriage

Online Shadi (marriage or online Nikah) is a good option for people living in diffrent countries and becuase of any reason, they can not join each other in their traditional marriage ceremonies.....

Nikah Khawan

Right Law Associates has 4 Nikah Khawans (Qazi) in Karachi, 2 Nikah Khawans in Islamabad and 2 Nikah Khawans (Qazi) in Rawalpindi, to perform Nikah at your home or Marriage Hall.....

Frequently Asked Question!

The Constitution of Pakistan allows every citizen to choose their partners freely. The consent of marrying at will is defined in the constitution. According to the Pakistan Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961, every individual is independent to choose his/her life partners and the state is bound to protect the couples’ rights to their free will of marriage. The Sharia also permits the free will of couples to marry, making it acceptable by legal as well as sharia laws.

1- The couple will be arriving at our office at the set time. To make the procedure smooth and quick, we will arrange Nikah Khuwan / Nikah Registrar, Stamp vendor, Notary Public, or Oath commissioner.
2- Consultation with our lawyer regarding the matters of dower/Maher and other related matters that protect the rights of the couple

3- Nikah will be solemnized by the Nikah Khuwan as per the Islamic tradition. The nikah will be registered by the Nikah registrar. However,
the Nadra Marriage Certificate will be issued by the local Union Council later.

4- Followed by the Nikah the bride will be required to sign an affidavit showing her affirmation, which will be attested by the Notary Public or the Oath Commissioner

5- To ensure the protection of the couple and any unfortunate action by the parents or families of the bride and groom, a statement of the bride
shall be recorded before the Session Judge through filing a petition

Without a lawyer’s professional help, people can misguide you and will make the short procedure long just to make more money out of you. Right Law Associates will help you with proper guidance and will make the court marriage possible in a very short time with normal fee charges.

The couple who wants to get married must have a valid CNIC, b form, or the certification of matriculation indicating their age 18 years or more. In the case of Online Marriage, if one of the partners is foreign then his/her passport is required. Two marriage witnesses and a 4×4 passport size of both bride and groom must be there. Free will affidavit from the bride’s side is compulsory. In the case of the second marriage of the bride, a valid divorce certificate or death certificate of her deceased husband is obligatory. In the case of the second marriage of the groom, permission from the first wife or from the Arbitration council is requisite. We will arrange all the necessary documents required in the court marriage and make the marriage happen within hours.

The minimum required age of court marriage in Pakistan is 18 years, According to Pakistani Law. Both the bride and groom must have proof of their age as CNIC, B form, or certificate of matriculation
Question: What documents are required for court marriage in Pakistan?

1- CNIC copies of the bride and the groom.
2- In case, you do not have a CNIC, then we need a B form or any other educational document like a matriculation certificate to use as evidence of your age.
3- CNIC copies of two witnesses. In case, you do not have witnesses, then we will arrange witnesses for you.

4- In the case of a second marriage, then you need to submit the Divorce or Death Certificate. Also, a permission letter from the Union Council is required for the second marriage.

5- An Affidavit of the bride as evidence of her Free Will and consent (we will arrange the affidavit for you).

You will receive with the following documents as evidence for your legal and official marriage:

1- Registered two copies of the Nikah Nama

2- Registered Affidavit of Free Will (of the bride)

3. Marriage Certificate issued from Union Council (on additional fee)

The normal court marriage fee in Pakistan is more than Rs. 25000. But we are offering 50% off for court marriage in Pakistan. You can get married for just Rs. 12000 using our 50% discount for court marriage and online marriage in Pakistan. Our Nikah Khuwan will be on the marriage spot and you will get Nikahfied only in just Rs. 12000. The necessary documents will be required for court marriage and online marriage in Pakistan.

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