About Right Law Associates

Right Law is a new era full-service law firm dedicated to provide an extensive range of legal services to our valued clients on various law related issues. Apart from our Property Law Section and Business Law Section, our Family Law Section is the most popular among youth and the people under 35 of age. In our Family Law Section, Court Marriage (also called as Civil Marriage) and Online Marriage with Nikah arrangement are the services being provided the most. Marriage is an official union of a man and woman who decide to spend their lives together. As the Pakistani law allows a couple to use their right to marriage and to get into an official union through the court marriage, people are most inclined to decide about their life partner with their free will. We provide legal advisory and process their cases of court marriage (civil marriage) with their free consent and will and arrangement of solemnizing of Nikah as per Muslim Sharia or as per their own religion.

Why choose us?

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Focus on Confidentiality & Ethics

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Aggressive Legal Representation in Court

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Result Oriented Resolutions with Control

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Wide-ranging Experience with Local & Foreign Clients

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One place for all legal services

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Client Satisfaction & Consistent Updates On Cases

The lawyers at RIGHT LAW ASSOCIATES have acquired skills and experienced to give continuous legal services and advice to our clients on their complex matters, both in their litigation and corporate & commercial matters. Our skilled and enthusiastic advocates work zealously towards extenuating our client’s problems. Our quality services and accomplishments are an example of how exceptional things happen when thoughtful brains work together. Our legal services are not only inexpensive but also realistic and tailor-made even for the hardest legal issues at hand. In this manner we are different. While for other law firms, a mixture of cost and quality might be directly relational but we have proved that quality work does not have to depend on cost. At RIGHT LAW ASSOCIATES, each and every assignment is given due time and attention to produce the best possible solution for the client within the context of the law. Most importantly, our aim is to grow into a world-class law firm while keeping up with the professional ethics and integrity of the values imbibed amongst the advocates of our Firm.

Our Locations

Our Offices are providing the best and expert legal services to its Domestic as well as International Clients from several countries around the globe. The firm offers a full range of legal services through two main Law Offices located in Karachi & Islamabad.

Our Services

RIGHT LAW ASSOCIATES is the one from which you can seek holistic legal assistance on both civil and criminal matters. The amount of legal services that it is providing to its clients makes it one of the top law firms in Karachi. Nowadays, it has become a symbol of confidence and transparency. Therefore if you require operative and tangible legal solutions to your problems, contact our top law firm in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan.