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We deal in all family matters, including court marriages, conventional marriages, online marriages,  and we also provide legal consultancy and complete legal protection to the couples who want to marry each other with their free will and also to newly married couples, who want to enjoy their free lives as per legal rights provided to them by the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Our offices are located at Islamabad and Karachi.

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Court Marriage in Pakistan​

Pakistani law allows a couple to use their right to marriage and to get into an official union through the court marriage. Court marriage is not that complicated as it may seem. Rather it is very simple and easy to follow. The court marriage is an official union of a man and a woman which is solemnized under the court of law. Court marriage is solemnized with the help of a lawyer and is conducted in front of the Registrar/Magistrate, who makes the marriage legal and official. The Nikah-Nama which is also known as a marriage contract is issued and registered by the local Nikah Registrar. And the Nadra marriage certificate is issued by the Union Council of your locality. Here it is important to know that the registration of a marriage is necessary as the non-registered marriage is considered a criminal offense.

Online Marriages​

Online marriage in Pakistan which is also known as Online Nikah is an opportunity provided by Pakistani law for Pakistani and foreign citizens who are living abroad and can’t attend their marriage ceremony. In traditional marriage, both bride and groom are required to be present at the time of marriage. However, can be solemnized through the internet/telephone by appointing a lawyer in Pakistan. The Pakistan Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961 and Family Courts Act 1964 provide this convenience of Online Nikah to overseas Pakistanis. Moreover, the Sharia (Hanafi School of Thoughts) also permits the Online Nikah that makes it acceptable by legal as well as the sharia laws. For online marriage, it is not necessary that both spouses should be Pakistani citizens. Rather, if any of the spouses is a Pakistani citizen, then they can register their online marriage in Pakistan. It is necessary to add here that it is mandatory to register the marriage in Pakistan if any of the spouses is a Pakistani citizen. In the Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Oman, Iraq, etc. there is a requirement of a wali of the bride for the marriage. However, there is no such requirement in Pakistani Marriage laws. Therefore, no wali is required for online marriage in Pakistan. However, according to the new clause which has been added in Pakistani Nikahnama, the Vakeel / Representatives on behalf of the couple are required.
Online Marriage in Pakistan, Online Nikah Services in Pakistan

Child Custody

Under Pakistani law, the father is liable for paying maintenance for his children. Maintenance is a responsibility of the father as per his monetary conditions. The Family Courts Act 1964 and the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 ("MFLO") govern the issue of maintenance of children in Pakistan except for Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The MFLO, in section 9, expresses that if the father denies to keep up with his child, the mother or the grandparents might file an application to the Chairman of the Union Council. The Chairman will establish an Arbitration Council, which might give an endorsement indicating the sum payable by the father as maintenance. This solution is accessible where the father consents to pay maintenance. In other circumstances, the parties are qualified to go to court.

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